Please Wash Tip Top Shirts T-Shirts INSIDE OUT Using 100% NATURAL Laundry Soap.   COLD Water Is Suggested.   And Please HAND WASH Tip Top Shirts, Caps / Hats / Visors, And Muzzles (Masks)!   Printed Shirts Should Be Dried On LOW Heat!

Synthetic Crude Oil Fabrics Such As Nylon, And Polyester Are Forms of Plastic.   Natural Apparel Has Healthy Frequencies!   Two of the HEALTHIEST Fabrics Are Linen, And Merino Wool!   However, Knitting Plant, And Animal Fabrics Together Is UNHEALTHY!   For Printing On, Cotton Is the Most Used Natural Fabric.

For Several Years, There Has Been GREAT Feedback About A NUMBER Of Our Apparel Designs, And Messages!   Please Help By Letting People Know That They Can Order Our RELEVANT Message Apparel!

Please Fill Out Our Contact Form If Your Size Is BIGGER Than The Sizes In the Ordering Area.

For A LONG Time, Our Designs Were Printed With Flex (Cad Cut) Vinyl Printing, Often Using Glow White Vinyl!   In 4-2024, I Met With A Apparel Printing Company That Is Now Using A NEWER, BETTER, LONGER LASTING Technology Called Direct To Film Printing! That Is the Type of Printing That Tip Top Shirts Has Decided To Use!   And D T F Does Have Glow White!   Tip Top Shirts Would Like To Keep Offering Glow White!   Depending On How Easy the Printers Can Get That.